WOOD is a renewable and versatile material. In cut and dried form it is the base of our profession. Wood has a high tactile quality and, with the necessary know how, can attain various forms. It is scientifically proved that wood stabilizes the degree of humidity in interior spaces. Especially solid wood is very durable and completely recyclable.


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Most of our projects begin with a sketch or an abstract idea. Whether the idea comes from the client, from us or from the architect, it is important for us that all of the required steps are carried out with a high level of attention. The choice of the wood, the colors, and the materials is part of this particular process and is influenced by technical necessities, spacial considerations, and color preference.


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SAMPLES and models can help to understand an object better and to define the last details. You can touch them and turn them around in all directions, which makes it easier to gain a fuller understanding of a project. When all the decisions have been made, very detailed technical drawings are completed. They guarantee a complete and precise realization of the custom furniture.


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Skilled craftsmen produce our furniture by hand in our production facility in Brixen. Cutting, milling, gluing, and veneering – all of these processes follow our tradition of craftsmanship. Including modern technology provides us with more options and increased precision.


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When all the single pieces are finished, the furniture gets assembled for the first time. Cabinets and drawers are glued together, hardware is installed and all movable pieces are checked to work as planned.


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The parts that require surface treatment are now disassembled and sanded. Afterwards they can be oiled, waxed or lacquered. It is necessary to take this step with utmost concentration and cleanliness, because only a carefully treated surface is beautiful.


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Custom furniture has to be transported and installed carefully. All the pieces are now put together and the result must be precise, because this type of furniture is part of the architecture of the space.


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A well realized project gives pleasure and satisfaction to the client as well as all the people involved – not least making us as craftsmen a little proud. You'll notice the difference.


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